Exercise makes strong bodies. The strength of your body is dependent on the strength of your bones. Injuries due to falls are caused because of weak of bones and ligaments e.g., adults who suffer from osteoporosis. Therefore, you cannot afford to undermine the role of exercise in strengthening bones.

Start early

After passing your prime age, growth of bone density slows down causing weakness to your bones in the later parts of your age. To avoid this you should start your workout early i.e., before you reach thirty years of age. That is the age in which you can generate bone mass which helps prevent bone loss subsequently. That is not all, exercise repairs the damage to the tissues and helps to maintain it.

Best exercises for strengthening bones

There are several exercises viz., aerobic exercises, weightlifting Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation Photos exercises and exercises using your own weight e.g., walking, jogging, dancing, squats etc., that help in strengthening bones and bone tissues. All these exercises are stimuli for nurturing of existing bones and help growing new ones.

(i) Of all exercises, weight bearing exercises are found to be the best for making bones strong because these can be done easily by anyone at any age. You can do these exercises using your own weight, like push ups, leg lifts, rowing, climbing staircases, hiking, etc. which strengthens all the bones involved in the action, viz., arms, legs, spine, to name some of them. It helps to generate new bones because these exercises apply a force on bones that stimulate the osteoblast cells to draw calcium for making new bone tissues. This also helps slowing down of bone loss due to osteoporosis.

(ii) Aerobic exercises like jumping rope, running, cycling or skipping, provide good amount of oxygen and blood to the bones, ligaments and tissues. Aerobics, dancing, playing tennis, and any other exercise that fights gravity are good not only for