Rene of Paris hairpieces are notable for their solace and style and their quality is immediately unmistakable at the primary touch. All hairpieces by Rene of Paris are made with state of the art innovation and they utilize unquestionably the best engineered and human hair materials and improvement items.

These hairpieces are likewise known for their shading determination, including Rene of Paris’ own Hybrant conceals that include multi-faceted featured tones. Notwithstanding, some might be confounded with regards to the names of the shadings.

The following are the shades of hairpieces presented by Rene of Paris and a portrayal of the shading to help in translating the Hybrant shading diagram, kindly see.

Hybrant Colors Offered by Rene of Paris Wigs

Apricot Frost – Apricot tones mixed with Swedish almond features
Reddish-brown Sugar – Medium brown mixed hd lace wigs with delicate coppery and dull fair features
Espresso Latte – Medium brown with brilliant earthy colored features
Copper Glaze – Medium light brown with copper and Swedish fair features
Smooth Toffee – Beige light with bleach fair features
Chilled Mocha – Medium light brown mixed with lighter fair features
Maple Sugar – Medium fair with lighter fair features
Mochaccino – Medium dim mocha brown with light fair features
Vanilla Bean – Light medium fair with pale gold light features
Margarine Pecan – Buttery fair with medium reddish and Swedish light features
Chocolate Frost – Medium earthy colored tones with dim gold fair and platinum features
Irish Spice – Chestnut with dim rust features
Razberry Ice – Burgundy with paprika and butterscotch features