Ask anyone what Diabetes is, the response is well-known. That it is caused by insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. That there are 2 prominent types and it is only a condition HGH Dosage before and after results and not a disease.

Diets, Exercise and medicines are what traditional therapists provide for living with this condition. Look closer at why we have this condition? Is it genetic alone or are caused by other factors? Let us investigate, together.

The Diabetes could hit us right from our birth or make its way after some years of our existence. Whether it is type 1 or type 2 Diabetes, one thing is common. Your gene expression was corrupt or has been corrupted. As a result your cell functions become abnormal. This either results in non-release of insulin, like in the case of type 1. Or, it could cause insulin resistance. This means, the cells wouldn’t be open to the sugar molecules even if insulin is available. This results in multiple organ damage and eventually would lead to a difficult death.

So, in both cases or in every possible Diabetes, it is our genes which are the saviors or destroyers. What then influences our genes to malfunction? Is there a way out? The answer is “No” in regular western therapy. Yes, in new forms of innovative healing methods which recognize the inclusiveness of the subtle body and physical body when treating patients.