Likewise with everything unbending tiles a firm sub-floor is required for the laying of a characteristic stone floor. An even and level sand and concrete tirade is the ideal surface, yet suspended wooden floors need not be an issue for however long they are reinforced. Regularly waterproof pressed wood screwed down to existing planks of flooring at 200mm focuses is sufficient, however if all else fails getting proficient advice is ideal. Assuming levels are issue, pressed wood can be in a bad way directly to joists ( on the off chance that the joints between the sheets are upheld by noggins at 250mm stretches )


The tiles ought to be laid with a glue. The cement bed ought to average +/ – 5mm in thickness, however ought to never surpass 10mm. While laying on a suspended wooden floor or utilizing any type of underfloor warming, an adaptable added substance should be utilized with the glue and the grout.

In all examples the rear of the stone ought to be ‘buttered’ prior to fixing to give a key. Assuming that the tile is too dry it should initially be wet with water to further develop attachment. While laying light hued or flimsy limestone white glue or white concrete slurry with sand/concrete semidry should be utilized.


Each normal stone is permeable and consequently we generally suggest that a sealer is utilized.

How much sealer to be utilized relies upon the porosity of the stone. It is in every case best to apply three covers, the first should applied before grout. In the wake of grouting, a second and afterward third coat ought to be applied. There is an immersion level past which the stone won’t take any sealant. Unnecessary fixing will leave streaks on a superficial level which is challenging to eliminate. On the off chance that streaks show up on a superficial level they ought to be cleaned of with a dry fabric.

The sealers generally work best when applied to dry stone. It is vital to hold on until the stone is totally dry prior to beginning to seal the floor.


A concrete based grout ought Steinteppich Schulung to be utilized. It is vital to utilize the right shade of grout, generally light beige or light dark is the most ideal choice. We prescribe that the grout is determined to be as close in variety as conceivable to the stone. In the event that the right shade isn’t accessible off the rack, a hazier variety ought to be blended in with white. While grouting limestone it is essential to work neatly, keeping away from any live whatsoever drying on the outer layer of the stone. This is significant in light of the fact that the ordinary approach to eliminating grout is with a corrosive, which would go after the limestone.

Width of joint is an issue of taste. When in doubt a wide joint (6 to 10mm) will give a more natural look than a limited one (2 to 3 mm). On the off chance that in any uncertainty over the shade of grout to utilize we prescribe that you request that the tiler make up some grout tests for you to endorse.

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